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Vichy Springs Resort is a 150 year old, California Landmark #980, Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Featuring twenty-six rooms and cottages for accommodations, the famous “champagne baths” are naturally warm and carbonated "Vichy" mineral baths, hot soaking pool, Olympic size (25 meter, 80 feet) swimming pool in season and 700 private acres for walking and hiking.

Vichy Springs Resort retains its historic charm as a country inn. Three cottages built in 1852 are in use today.

Distinguished guests include The Ghiradelli family, Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and William Harrison, Teddy Roosevelt and his daughter Alice, Mark Twain, Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson, bare fisted boxers Jim Corbett and John L. Sullivan. Contemporaries include Dustin Hoffman, Bo Derek, John Corbett, Nancy Pelosi, Governor Jerry Brown, James Coburn, Larry Hagman, Eve Ensler, J. Peter Grace, Wavy Gravy, Dr. Patch Adams and Jack Davenport

Located two hours north of San Francisco in the heart of Mendocino County's wine country, Vichy Springs is an excellent destination for peace and relaxation.