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Vichy Springs' Weather Averages

Vichy Springs has a very comfortable inland Mediteranean climate and is fog free in the summer. Normal temperatures in Fahrenheit range as follows:
Spring: 60's to Low 80's in Daytime, 30's to 40's at night
Summer: High 80's to Low 100's in Daytime, 50's to 60's at night
Fall: 60's to 80's in Daytime, low 50's to 40's at night
Winter: 50's to 60's in Daytime, 20's to 40's at night

Mendocino County's Weather

Mendocino County offers a landscape larger than Delaware and one third the size of New Hampshire. The climate ranges from the drippy cold wet fog or cool clear days on the coast to the warm dry inland valley in summer, to the same cool wet climate on the coast with rainy to dry climate inland in winter.

Easy drives of one to one and one half hours can completely change one's needed attire and determine whether to put the top up or down on one's convertible. Generally, as one approaches the coast from Ukiah's inland valley temperatures plummet 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. Ukiah typically has warm afternoons and cool evenings due to afternoon convections. These make for delightful days, balmy evenings and cool easy sleeping at night.