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From deep below the surface, 6 miles (10km) to be exact, emerge the fabled naturally warm and carbonated mineral waters of Vichy Springs, California. Driven from the depths by expanding carbon dioxide they flow at over 100 gallons per minute at a pleasantly warm average of 90° Fahrenheit (30° Celsius).

The waters are heavily mineralized at 3,800 milligrams per liter dissolved solids and highly charged with carbon dioxide. They are almost identical to the famed Vichy Waters in France and Madagascar.

When one bathes in these luxuriant waters, after 1 - 2 minutes, millions of tiny bubbles cover one's skin. The CO2 and water dramatically relax and penetrate the skin and rapidly dilate one's capillaries, giving an incredible feeling of calm, warmth, peace and tranquility. The waters have magical powers that realign one's natural magnetic field, which induces the a very relaxed state.

Drinking the highly alkaline waters soothes acidic digestive systems and aids and cures gout, rheumatism, ulcers and all sorts of acid related illnesses.